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Oprah Winfrey's New Age 'religion' exposed

Eckhart Tolle

'At the core of the teachings lies the transformation of consciousness, a spiritual awakening that he sees as the next step in human evolution. An essential aspect of this awakening consists in transcending our ego-based state of consciousness. PropheticAlert comment: Eckhart Tolle is Oprah Winfrey's new age guru. See the Recommended Readings section of his website which reveals his new age diet of personal 'salvation'.'

Fundamentally, the new age teaches that all roads lead to the same God and that man is his own saviour, usually through doing good works. The Bible says the opposite: (1) That our (self) righteousness is like filthy rags in God's sight (2) That there is only one way to be saved - through the person of His Son Jesus Christ (3) No man (or women) can come to the Father execept they be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ the Son (of God the Father). The Bible is explicit in it's teachings that we cannot please God or become 'righteous' through our own so-called 'good works'. This is due to the fact that we are all born with a sinful nature and that our best attempts to become 'righteous' or be 'good', are in fact exercises in futility. Because man is born into sin (by default), we do not have the capacity or power over our own lives to change our inheritantly destructive nature. Only God himself has the power to transform our lives and free us from the bondage of our sinful nature through the redemptive work that Jesus Christ undertook on the cross. Salvation through good works is no salvation at all. True Biblical salvation is a spiritual process initiated by God (the creator), rather than the creature (man - a created being). Humanistic attempts to save ourselves are no more credible than a man stuck in quicksand trying to save himself; an exercise in futility.

Ultimately, the new age teaches that we are all 'god's and that we can all attain a godlike status on earth through the revealed teachings of the new age. This is nothing more than the age-old deception taught by Satan (Lucifer) himself. All luciferian doctrines teach that man can become a god (on earth). This is due to the fact that Satan himself wanted to be like God. This is the reason God expelled Satan from heaven in the first instances - because of his rebellion towards God and his desire to be worshipped as he saw God worshipped in the heavens. The logical conclusion of new age teaching is that man himself wants to become the object of worship. This is idolatry in it's purest form. It is rooted and self-righteousness and pride. Satan's desire has not changed and this is therefore nothing more than an age-old lie being re-packaged and promoted by the new age disciples of our day.

In broad terms the new age teaches that:
  • man can become a God
  • that there are many spiritual paths to 'god'
  • that we can worship any or many gods
  • that salvation is within our reach and the keys to it are within ourselves
  • that we need to be 'enlightened' so that we understand how to save ourselves (illumination)
  • that god can have many different names
  • that people who worship different god (with different names, or pursue different paths to spirituality), can co-exist by virtue of the fact that we ultimately worship the same 'god'.
  • that god is in nature (or that nature is god) [Pantheism}
  • that god is feminine
  • that salvation is not found through one god or one religion
  • evolution rather than creationism
  • salvation is attained through a process of good works (satan's greatest lie).
  • that salvation is found by following an elightened path
It is interesting to note that the root of the new age movement is Hinduism. In essence, this perversion of Biblical truth is also being taught today in many churches who have corrupted their theology by teaching that God exists primarily for our benefit (health, wealth and prosperity).

For further study, see New Age [Wikipedia} and Hinduism [Wikipedia]

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