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"Have nothing to do with the 
 fruitless deeds of darkness, but 
 rather expose them." Eph 5:11


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Muslim Demographics

Europe will eventually become a Muslim Nation. This presentation deals with the population growth statistics in Europe, the USA and Canada. Islam cannot be ignored and Christians have to understand the implications in terms of evangelism and cultural and social challenges that the growth in Islamic culture and presence has already brought to us all. 

Out of Time - Radical Islam taking over Europe & West

Great video clip on the Islamisation of Europe.  If this does not wake you up nothing will. Europe as we know it will be overrun by Islam within the next 100 years.  It's time to stop being politically correct and expose Islam for what it is - a threat to democracy, Christianity and those who value peace and freedom. 


Simon Altaf speaks about the true Islam - pt 1

Simon Altaf speaks about the true Islam - pt 2

Simon Altaf speaks about the true Islam - pt 3

Islam: What the West Needs to Know

The Da Vinci Code of Islam

Glen Beck interviews Geert Wilders: Islam in Europe

Fitna (English) Part 1/2 (Full 16min version)

Fitna (English) Part 2/2 (Full 16min version)

Simon Altaf



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