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Barack Hussein Obama

All is not what it seems with America's new president Obama. Here are some key videos that raise some interesting questions about what president Obama believes about abortion, gay rights and Reverend Jeremiah Wright. It also bring his muslim faith into focus, as well as his suspicious history. 

The Obama Deception

Barack Obama has become the new front man for the global elite and the New World Order. There is nothing new about the appointment of Obama. It is pretty much more of the same. Democracy is nothing but a myth and part of a very far-reaching occultic agenda, inspired and fuelled by the cancer and enemy of society and Christianity called Freemasonry. The New World Order (dictatorial government) is at our front door. New World order is the only 'order' of the day. The Federal Reserve is a private banking cartel. The Federal Reserve bank was established by this private banking cartel.The Federal Reserve system was designed to serve the global elite. The global financial crisis was engineered by the global elite to usher in the New World Order agenda, using the methodology of creating a crisis which they then 'solve'. This is like giving food to starving child. If the child is hungry enough he will eat anything..The apex of the New World Order is the Bilderburg Group.

Please watch this video and open your eyes ...

Abortion, Gay Rights, Jeremiah Wright


The Da Vinci Code of Islam

Barack Obama's 'church'

Rev Jeremiah Wright on Fox News - Liberation Theologian

Jeremiah Wright, Obama and United Church of Christ

Louis Farrakhan on Barack Obama, Churches and Satan's Rule

Farrakhan Says He Is Jesus and Elijah

Obama on Farrakhan

Farrakhan responds to charge of Anti-Semitism (Al-Jazeera)


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